Rules and regulations on showcasing and presenting.

Important please read and agree to these regulations before applying to the showcase.


You must be at least 18 years of age or older to showcase with BAM!




WhitePHOENIXarts, local breweries, galleries, and restaurants are teaming up together to create an event that will showcase artists from our community. Through this partnership, we are providing spaces for artists to showcase their trades. Collaborating to promote the arts to our community. A celebration of the talents and skills.

The goal is to provide a fun, unique, and social atmosphere for artists to showcase their trades to attain more followers, customers, and network with other artists for future collaborations.

If you are new to the art scene and need help with developing your trade or selling your wares, then this is the perfect event for you!

We want to grow and support the arts. Without art, there is no creation in innovation in the world.

BAM! BrewArt Month – Roaming Art Show is a full month of artist showcases around the city of Columbus. Join our community and help grow the arts in Columbus!

Portfolio Evaluations

Artists must be at least 18 years of age or older to enter the showcase.


Your portfolio will be evaluated by our team at WhitePHOENIXarts for the strength and quality of your concentration. After the initial assessment is completed, your portfolio will be submitted to our partners for final approval. Our partners do have the final say on which artists will be showcased. These events are family-friendly, and we want to showcase your work. WhitePHOENIXarts does not sensor artists at these events. However, our partners can ask for pieces to be censored or taken down from view during a show. All those who showcase must respect our partners' business environments.

Acceptable Trades and Skills


Visual Arts (2D & 3D)

Fashion Design



Theatrical Performances

Hair and Makeup

Body Painting


Portfolio Submission Process


1) Complete the submission form below and submit a $15 entry fee through PayPal.

(Your form will not be evaluated without your payment)


2) Your social media and website are great ways to showcase your work but if you do not have one or the other please email 5 to 10 images of your best work, your artist statement, and a list of work or other showcases you have participated in.


It is not required to have previous experience to be accepted into this showcase.

Email to

includes the subject line, “BAM! Artists Portfolio (Artists NAME)” 


Showcasing Materials


The following section outlines the general rules and regulations of the BAM! BrewArt Month, artist showcase. Please review and understand the following guidelines before presenting your concentration at the event. WhitePHOENIXarts and our partners have the final say what can and cannot be displayed at the event locations. 


By agreeing to this form, you comply with the regulations set forth by WhitePHOENIXarts, its partners, and the rules set by our organizations. 


The attendee understands that it is their responsibility to meet these expectations. Any materials not suitable to show to the public upon these conditions may lead to loss of rights to showcase at the event. This meaning that you will not be reimbursed for the loss of funds for bringing unauthorized materials to the BAM! events or our partnering physical locations.


Materials Not allowed at the showcase!


Bone – Animal or Human

Blood – Animal or Human

Urine – Animal or Human

Finger or Toenail clippings

Fecal Matter – Animal or Human

Tissue – Animal or Human

Hair – No pubic hair to be added to a 3-D image or mixed media item

No harmful liquids that are exposed

Animal Fur is allowed but frowned upon

Explosive and combustible chemicals, products, materials, or any other such items.

Toxic or poisonous materials, liquid, gas, or solid

Other materials will be examined and evaluated by both WPA and the partnering locations.


Presenters must comply with public food and beverage laws:




WhitePHOENIXarts and the venues have the final say what can and cannot be showcased at each venue when it comes to exposure of the human form.


No extreme nudity or full-frontal – Use your discretion

Materials that may be sensitive to public viewing may have to have a veil placed over the image to be seen by a viewer who is 18 years of age or older. 


Copywritten, trademark, or other similar items.


WhitePHOENIXarts will not support in the transaction of copywritten goods or materials without the proper licenses attained. The artist is responsible for showing WhitePHOENIXarts that they have the rights to those images.


If the artist has copywritten materials or images in their showcase WhitePHOENIXarts will not help process their payments via their services. That individual must process payments on their own. WhitePHOENIXarts and the supporting partners hold no responsibilities of items sold with copywritten materials affiliated with the products, images, or other goods being displayed or sold at the BAM! showcase.


Examples of copywritten materials:

Pokémon characters

Anime characters

Disney, Marvel, Star Wars characters

DC or Marvel superheroes or properties

Cartoon characters

Videogame characters

Other such properties


Do not submit portfolios with unlicensed materials, trademarked, copywritten, or intellectual property owned by another company, person, or group. WE WILL NOT SHOWCASE YOUR WORK!


This including political figures, actors, individual groups, or organizations.


We want to showcase your original work. Not the work of others.


Eligibility and Fine Print


BAM! BrewArt Month – Roaming Art Show is open to 2D and 3D artwork of any media or style, ready to hang and suitable for public viewing.


Photography entries are open to all forms and suitable subject matters. Photos should be printed and ready to be sold. 2D work should be completed and be ready to be sold, hung, and be suitable for public viewing.


Fashion designers are to showcase their original work or have ownership of the goods being displayed and sold.


Models who are showcasing can sell prints and goods of their images, sign autographs, and work with WhitePHOENIXarts support in contracts between parties for future projects.


WhitePHOENIXarts will retain submitted images of accepted artwork and reserves the right to use the images in relevant publications and company promotional capacities.


If subjects have nudity in the image please have them covered with a black, non-translucent vail that can cover the display. Be mindful of our patrons and their views/ ideas.


Displaying and Transportation


The artist is responsible for the transportation of all artwork to their assigned venue. WhitePHOENIXarts and the partners will not support the transporting of goods on the artist's behalf. Neither WhitePHOENIXarts or its partners will be held liable or accountable for any lost, stolen, or damaged goods. WhitePHOENIXarts will have procedures put into place to reduce this risk of lost, stolen, or damaged goods from happening but ultimately the artist is responsible for their own goods.


If pieces must be shipped, the artist is responsible for packaging and shipping the goods and covering all expenses. The artist is responsible for specialty installation supplies; two-dimensional work must be ready to hang and provided with appropriate hanging hardware. The artist is responsible for their setup. The artist can rent display boards, tables, and/or tents from WhitePHOENIXarts for an additional cost.


The venue location will help in supplying tables and chairs for the artist to showcase their work. Tables and chairs are not guaranteed. The artist is responsible for supplying any additional lighting or decoration for their display space.


A display charge will be issued to the artist when chosen for the event. The display prices will vary depending on which day and location of the event. This will help cover expenses for the venue location, advertisements, and processing of information by WhitePHOENIXarts. If selected to present at the showcase the artist must pay WhitePHOENIXarts on the notified date and time. A link to the payment center will be emailed to the artists upon acceptance of their portfolio along with the payment due date.


Payment Processing


It is recommended that the presenting artists have their own means to take payments for items sold at the showcase. Additionally, it is recommended that the artists have a vendor’s license and collect sales tax upon receipt of payment. WhitePHOENIXarts and the breweries are not responsible for processing transactions between customers and artist presenters/vendors.


The partnering hosts and locations WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT ON BEHALF OF THE ARTIST.


Partnering locations will help break large bills if artists need help but WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYMENTS on the artist's behalf.


It is strongly encouraging that artists take their own payments. Credit card readers, checks, or cash are the most recommended way of taking payments from customers. If you are doing cash payments, please write down the amount in a notebook. This is for your internal records.


If the artist cannot process their own payments, then WhitePHOENIXarts will help make payments on the artists' behalf. There will be a 15% service charge for processing payments.

A 7.5% sales tax will be applied to items sold. WhitePHOENIXarts will process the sales tax with their vendor's license. The consigned artist will not need to process sales tax. A receipt and transaction history can be provided to the artist if needed for their records.


Artists will be paid for items sold by WhitePHOENIXarts via check or PayPal within 5 days after the payment has been issued.


We do not recommend using Venmo to take payments. This releases your personal information to the customers. Using secure resources like PayPal or a Square Chip reader is the recommended approach.  


If you need help in processing payments WhitePHOENIXarts will need the following:


This including:

Picture of the item


Basic Description



Commission, Orders, Contracts, and Services


WhitePHOENIXarts will help those artists with procuring print orders, contracting commissioned works, and if need be processing orders and sales. A processing fee will be applied to all these items. 


If the artist does not have a vendor’s license, then WhitePHOENIXarts will process those orders for the artists and pay the tax on those goods. The artist is responsible for providing images and information about those goods so WhitePHOENIXarts can set the items into their inventory system.

Terms and use of this process will be determinate on items being sold or ordered. 


Please contact Alex White at or (330) 495-6122 to schedule a meeting about procurement and processing details.




WhitePHOENIXarts ask that each of the showcasing artists help with the advertisement of the BAM! BrewArt Month event. It is not required for a featured artist to sell tickets. The only requirements for artists are to pay the portfolio registration fee and the kiosk rental fee. 


WhitePHOENIXarts will provide the artists with advertisement materials for the artists to share on their social media. These items are completely up to the individual if they want to share the images, email, event links, and other provided resources. 


By supporting WhitePHOENIXarts in the advertisement for the event you help us bring more funds into the organization. This helps us create more events like BAM! to support the artistic community. 


Artists are free to advertise for the event on their own behalf. WhitePHOENIXarts requests that artists running their own advertisement please notify a member of WhitePHOENIXarts before showcasing any images. If WhitePHOENIXarts find that the advertisement is misleading or misrepresenting to the event or any of the brewery partners. Then a request for immediate removal of that or those images will be requested and mandated.


For any additional information please contact Alex White at or (330) 495-6122.


WhitePHOENIXarts holds the right to use the images you have submitted in their advertisements.  Your images may or may not show ownership in or during the advertisement.  If you do not want WhitePHOENIXarts to use your images in the media publication please email us at to remove your images from our marketing campaign.




We want a fun, safe, family-friendly, and successful event. We ask all of our participating artists to represent not just themselves well but WhitePHOENIXarts in a positive manner. 


Respect your assigned breweries' rules and regulations.


Comply with Ohio Laws and Standards.


Show consideration for the other participating artists, patrons, and community.


Failure to comply with guidelines will lead to removal from the event without reimbursement and suspended from any future WhitePHOENIXarts events, as a featured member. This suspension length will be help for 6 months after the event has been completed.


For any additional information please contact WhitePHOENIXarts at

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