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BAM! Was created to allow artists a way to meet and engage with a new client base.

Unlike other art festivals, showcases, or exhibits we do not limit our showcasing artists off whom they know, extensive portfolio reviews, or ask for a lot of money to showcase.

We wanted to create an event that celebrates originality.

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What is BAM! BrewArt Month?

BAM! is an artist showcase that is open to both first times showcasing artists and veterans.  It is a month-long event that takes place at different breweries throughout the month.  An artist showcases once during the event.  Each accommodating location only hosts on a single designated day.  On average there are between 5 to 15 hosting locations.  Along with 30 to 50 featured artists.

Artists are assigned to a hosting location.

How do I register my portfolio?

You can email your portfolio directly to info@whitephoenixarts.  You submit your $15 application fee or your portfolio will not be reviewed.  If we do not get your completed registration form and payment we will invoice you your payment.


If I have showcased before, do I have to pay the registration fee again?

No, once you have registered once for BAM! you don’t have to pay the registration fee again.

How much does it cost to showcase?

Each artist must register at least once.  This process costs the artist $15. 

This money goes to portfolio evaluation and, if selected to showcase, a profile is created for the artist.

The basic package to showcase is $40.00. 

The artist is responsible for bringing their own materials.  This being the display boards, tables, chairs, and credit card reader.

Artists can rent out equipment from WhitePHOENIXarts to display with.  On average this will be around $100 to $300. 

This covers display boards, tables, chairs, tents, and over items needed to showcase.

Can I showcase more than once during a month?

Yes, but you do have to pay for each showcase you want to be featured in.  Space is limited and the number of showcasing artists is designated by the hosting location.


I have my own credit card reader.  Can I use that to collect payments for the pieces I sell?

Yes, if you have your own way of processing payments you can use it.  WhitePHOENIXarts will not take a commission off the work you sell if you process your own payments.

I do not have my own credit card reader.  Can WhitePHOENIXarts process my payments?

Yes, WhitePHOENIXarts can process your payments.  We will need a list of items you are selling and prices.  WhitePHOENIXarts will collect a 15% commission from your processed payments.  This will cover processing costs and sales tax.

Do I need a vendor’s license to sell at the showcase?

We strongly recommend that you have a vendor’s license to sell at any showcase.  It is not required to showcase these events.

How long does the event last?

Shows are around 4 hours to showcase. One hour to set up and tear down before and after the shows.  For the artists a total of 6 hours.

How many pieces can I showcase?

You can present as many pieces as you would like.  Space is limited to a max of 10ft x 10ft.


I’ve never showcased before.  Can I still present at the event?

Yes, we welcome the first time showcasing artists.

How old do I have to be to showcase?

You must be at least 18 years or older to showcase.  A parent or legal guardian can represent you during an event.

They must be present at the showcase with the minor artist the entire time.

Is BAM! family-friendly?

Yes, BAM! is open to all people who love the arts.  We do not restrict our artists on some subjects.

Nudity may be present at the show.  Our hosting locations policies do take precedence over ours. 

We follow their guidelines and rules when showcasing at their locations.

Please contact the hosting location for more details if you have questions.

Do I have to rent out display equipment?

No, you can provide your own display equipment. 

WhitePHOENIXarts will rent display equipment to that artist who needs it.

This includes:

Display Boards




Do I need insurance to showcase?

Artist insurance is recommended but not required.  WhitePHOENIXarts, guests, other artists, and the hosting location are not liable for any loss, stolen, or damaged items at the showcase.  Animal may be present at the show.  We encourage artists to protect their work as best as possible.

If you want to cover your pieces please contact your insurance agent.   Many artists use their homeowners or renters insurance to cover their work.

Are there any restrictions on what I can and cannot showcase?

Yes, we do have set guidelines and restrictions on what can and cannot be showcased.

Many of our hosting locations are restaurants or comply with food and drink laws.

Materials being presented must be safe to feature around food and drink items.

Materials Not allowed at the showcase!

Bone – Animal or Human

Blood – Animal or Human

Urine – Animal or Human

Finger or Toenail clippings

Fecal Matter – Animal or Human

Tissue – Animal or Human

Hair – No pubic hair to be added to a 3-D image or mixed media item

No harmful liquids that are exposed

Animal Fur is allowed but frowned upon

Explosive and combustible chemicals, products, materials, or any other such items.

Toxic or poisonous materials, liquid, gas, or solid

Other materials will be examined and evaluated by both WPA and the partnering locations.

Presenters must comply with public food and beverage laws: Reference Document 




WhitePHOENIXarts and the hosting location has the final say what can and cannot be showcased at each venue.

This is not limited to nudity but is expanded to all subject matters.


No extreme nudity or full-frontal – Use your discretion

Materials that may be sensitive to public viewing may have to have a veil placed over the image to be seen by a viewer who is 18 years of age or older. 

I have items that featured popular characters from tv shows and movies.  Can I showcase my work at the event?

No, do not submit portfolios with unlicensed materials, trademarked, copywritten, or intellectual property owned by another company, person, or group.

WE WILL NOT SHOWCASE YOUR WORK!  We will not reimburse your application fee either.


WhitePHOENIXarts will not support in the transaction of copywritten goods or materials without the proper licenses attained.

The artist is responsible for showing WhitePHOENIXarts that they have the rights to those images.


If the artist has copywritten materials or images in their showcase WhitePHOENIXarts will not help process their payments via their services. That individual must process payments on their own. WhitePHOENIXarts and the supporting partners hold no responsibilities of items sold with copywritten materials affiliated with the products, images, or other goods being displayed or sold at the BAM! showcase.


Examples of copywritten materials:

Pokémon characters

Anime characters

Disney, Marvel, Star Wars characters

DC or Marvel superheroes or properties

Cartoon characters

Videogame characters

Other such properties

This including political figures, actors, individual groups, or organizations.


We want to showcase your original work. Not the work of others.

For additional information please contact us at:

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