Art Class Instructor

WhitePHOENIXarts is looking to contract a fun innovative artistic instruction based in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding inner/out belt areas.

WhitePHOENIXarts is looking for energetic, fun artists preferably with teaching experience (but not required) - to work in a creative and exciting environment! Ideal candidates will be students in the Fine Arts programs at a College or University. We are also open to professional artists who are looking for ways to better interact with potential clients.

This is no ordinary art class - we are about having FUN! Our classes are a PARTY, and you are the host! The art instructor’s duties include setting up for class, assisting customers with their paintings, clean-up, check-in customers and reconciling payment and attendance.

Class materials, scheduling, payment devices, and other necessary materials will be provided by WhitePHOENIXarts and the hosting location.


Company Overview


WhitePHOENIXarts is an art consulting and entertainment company that is focused on developing the arts within Columbus, Ohio. Founded in July 2018, WhitePHOENIXarts has been networking and partnering with local galleries, breweries, and restaurants. We host artist pop-up showcases to help promote local artists' talents to the populous. It is our goal to help grow the artistic community and educate the people on how to view and purchase art. 

One way that WhitePHOENIXarts does this is by having local artists teach art-related classes. Helping build the skills of our patrons and providing a fun and interactive way to approach the arts. We want people to see art as they understand music. You don’t have to fully understand what goes into the development of a piece. Just simply if you enjoy the peace and love it, then you should want to take it home.

Required Skills


  1. Must live or have the ability to commute to Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas

  2. Have the ability to, paint and/or draw realistically (or relates skills pertaining to the class)

  3. Have the ability to, 

    • Teach acrylic painting, watercolor and/or drawing classes. 

    • Fashion, sewing, knitting, and other related skills

    • Photography, lighting, editing, and other related skills

    • Graphic design and animation

    • Other art-related or craft skills are welcome (skills are based off class being taught)

  4. Have the willingness to market their classes and build their student base

  5. Must be fun and outgoing.

  6. Must-Have Car and a valid driver’s license. 

    • (or a means to get to the class and location on their abilities)

  7. Fun, Charismatic Art and craft instructors

  8. You will be guiding our guests, step by step instruction, 

  9. Have the ability to instruct students on how to recreate a painting on canvas or other materials

    • Not a painter but have other skills? Can instruct our guests in your passion or skill.

  10. Ability to design and execute quality, acrylic paintings in various painting styles

  11. Time management and communication skills

  12. Setting up for and cleaning up after each class

  13. Maintaining the upkeep of stock, and supplies

  14. Set-up a lesson plan and follow it during the class

  15. Ability to adapt and handle stress

  16. Strong people and communication skills

    • Ability to talk in front of a crowd of 8 to 20+ people.

    • Class sizes max out at 40 people with supporting instructors.

    • Public Speaking or performance skills (Keep they entertained and engaged)

  17. Compassionate and understanding demeanor – Ability to be patient with students

  18. Strong written and verbal skills.

  19. Ability to lift 25lbs without assistance

  20. May require additional requirements depending on the class structure.  Details will be discussed prior to class.


Applicant Requirements

18 years of age or older to apply!


Present your professional resume

  1. Present your collective resume

  2. Fill out the application form on the WhitePHOENIXarts LLC website

  3. Tell us what kind of class you want to teach and how you would make it fun for our patrons

  4. Optional – References 


Job Types: Contract

Compensation: $40 per hour plus tips

Locations: Columbus, Dublin, Hillard, New Albany, Grandview Heights, Franklinton, and other areas in and out of Columbus, Ohio. 


Locations will be determined and set on a Calendar before the scheduled time to teach.

Classes will be after 7:00 pm during the week and end and between 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on weekends.

Classes are 45 mins long with an additional 30 mins for preparation and cleanup of the classroom.

Class time may vary depending on the topic and class size.


For more information please contact us at

Or call us at (330) 495-6122



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