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Calling For Artists

New Year's Eve Showcase

We are looking for Artists, Fashion Designers, Photographers, and models to present at our New Year's Eve 1920 Artist and Fashion Showcase.  One Last Event before 2019 is over.

Be Inspired by the 1920's Artistic Movement

All artists submissions must be original!


We are looking for Artists, Fashions Designers, Photographers, and Models to showcase at during our New Year's Eve Artist Showcase and Fashion Show.


Don't miss your chance to showcase your talents one last time before 2019 is over!


​Register your portfolio with us to be evaluated on the strength and concentration.  We are looking for pieces that have been influenced by the 1920's era of artwork and culture.  


Artistic Styles where are looking to showcase should be influenced by the following styles and trends

Art Deco


Late Cubism

The Bauhaus

De Stijl


Neve Schlichkeit


Alphonse Mucha

Pablo Picasso

Frida Kahlo

Dorothea Lange

Paul Klee

Salvador Dalí

Diego Rivera

Edward Hopper

Will Longstaff


Take Inspiration and learn from the era.  Present your unique takes on this era of time and add your flair of modern to your work.  Research the commonalities between the 1920's and how 2020's will relate to each other.  Makes a bold statement and express yourself to this upcoming decade.