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Artist Agreement Form


Read the following carefully.  Its the responsibility of the showcasing artist to agree to the following terms to be allowed to showcase at the BAM! BrewArt Month Artist Showcase.



The October showcase will consist of seven (7) showcasing dates.  The theme of this Halloween inspired showcase is modeled after the seven (7) deadly sins.  Those being:


Endeavor: Sloth the indolent - Zombies

Lineage: Gluttony the voracious – Shark (animals)

North High: Envy the jealous – Frankenstein’s Monster (classic movie monsters)

Pretentious: Pride the arrogant – Superhero/ Villain

Elevator: Wrath the furious – Wizard magical characters

Platform: Lust the lascivious – Vampire

Land Grant: Greed the avaricious – Everything open to all costume themes!


Artists shall set up their booths.  This meaning the showcasing artists are responsible for bringing their staging wall, tables, and tents (if presenting outdoors). Some of the hosting locations will provide a table and chairs to showcase with.  NO ITEMS SHALL BE HUNG ON WALLS!


Artists can rent displaying equipment from WhitePHOENIXarts if they choose.  The artists are responsible for setting up their own display space.  WhitePHOENIXarts and the supporting partners are not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged property when displaying, showcasing, transporting, or taking down the artist's property.  It is not required for showcasing participants to have insurance to showcase at this event.  However, it is recommended that the artist get basic liability coverage.


If any damage happens at this event due to the artists' property, then that individual or group responsible for the incident shall be responsible for those damages and covering the incident.  Artists must sign the artist's agreement form and liability waiver before showcasing at any location.


Each artist will have a designated floor space to showcase their work at your establishment.  These spaces will be laid out between the venue and WhitePHOENIXarts.  The agreed-upon space will be mapped out and divided to fit the set number of artists per location.  This map will be distributed to the artists one week prior to the showcasing day.


Showcasing display spaces shall be disturbed throughout the breweries.  Including the main taproom.  Proper floor space arrangement.  Signs explaining the event and where to go will be place throughout each venue.  That way patrons know and understand where to go to see the art that is on display.


Halloween Decorations


Each venue will be asked in supporting decorating their location. Decorations are completely up to the location. However, we do ask that the decorations tie into the themed sin or costume suggestion.


Artists are asked to bring Halloween decorations to decorate their display space. This is not required to showcase but does help with keeping the Halloween theme festive and fun for the patrons. This will also help with attracting guests to each displaying area.




We ask that all decorations remain festive but family-friendly. We do not “realistic” body parts, extreme gore, or flowing blood (these are examples) to be seen at presenting booths. Venues have final say on what can and cannot be displayed or how booths can look.


There will be a booth decorating contest for all those artists who choose to participate in the decorating.


The prize details will be announced one week before the venues showcase.


Judges will consist of one representative from WhitePHOENIXarts, Brewery associate, and a guest.


Display spaces will be judged off of:

1. How the decoration relates to the sin or the theme costume.

2. How well your displaying space looks.

3. Artists costume

4. Use of space given

5. Artists interaction with guests


There will be 3 levels of prizes. 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place.


Artists will be notified if they won any of the prizes one hour prior to the conclusion of the event.


Artist Donations - Donate a piece for auction


Artists can donate a piece of work to be auctioned off to the public. This will be a silent auction. The guest will be able to see the items and place a bid on the item. The highest bid will win the prize. If the attendee is not at the drawing at the end of the silent auction, then the next highest big will take the prize. This will continue until the bidder shows to claim the item.


Artist shall receive 75% of the proceeds from the donated item for the auction.  Payment will be issued via check one week after the item was sold.


Artist Registration Overview


DEADLINE: Sunday, Sept 29, 2019, 12:00 AM


WhitePHOENIXarts and the partnering venues area are teaming up together to create an event that will showcase artists from our community. Mixing the social aspect of enjoying an artisan beer with the visual arts. Providing a space for artists to meet and connect with the community. A social environment to showcase their work and sell their goods.


We want to provide a unique and social atmosphere for artists to showcase their work to attain more followers, customers, and network with other artists for future collaborations. If you are new to the art scene and need help with developing your trade or selling your wares, then this is the perfect event for you! WhitePHOENIXarts will help you with selling, procuring of goods, and processing orders.


So, if you are an emerging are or even an established artist looking to grow or start your business. This showcase is perfect for you. We want to grow and support the arts. Because without art, there is no creation in innovation in the world.


BAM! BrewArt Month – Roaming Art Show is a full month of artist showcases around the city of Columbus. Join our community and help grow the arts in Columbus!


Portfolio Evaluations


Your portfolio will be evaluated by our team at WhitePHOENIXarts for the strength and quality of your concentration. After the initial evaluation is completed your portfolio will be submitted to the partnering venues. Our partners do have the final say on which artists will be showcases.


Portfolio Submission Process


1) Complete the submission form below and submit the $15 entry fee.

(Your form will not be evaluated without your payment)


2) Your social media and website are great ways to showcase your work but if you do not have one or the other please email 5 to 10 images of your best work, your artist statement, and a list of work or other showcases you have participated in. 

It is not required to have previous experience to be accepted into this showcase.




Image Requirements 


File names: Use only a number (e.g., 01.jpg). Please do not embed your name in any images.

File format: JPEG or PNG

File size: No larger than 1.5 MB per photo

Detail and installation photos may be included with the 5 images.


File names: Please include your name on your resume


File formats: PDF or DOC

List of works should include the following for each work:

1.   Filename (e.g.,01.jpg)

2.   Title

3.   Year of completion

4.   Medium(s)

5.   Dimensions

Disclaimer (Prohibited Materials from the showcase)


As to protect and follow health and safety laws that our partnering venues are required to follow the following items will not be allowed to be showcased at the artist showcase.  Failure to comply with these by-laws will forfeit the artists' right to showcase their work at any location that has partnered with WPA for this showcase. 


Biological Materials – Any matter that comes from or is produced from living organizes that can spread disease or cause hard to people when placed into contact.

The following items are not allowed to be showcased or sold at the BAM! BrewArt Month, Roaming Pop-Up Arts Show.


  1. Bone – Animal or Human

  2. Blood – Animal or Human

  3. Urine – Animal or Human

  4. Finger or Toe Nail clippings

  5. Fecal Matter – Animal or Human

  6. Tissue – Animal or Human

    • Processed Leather is allowed

  7. Hair – No pubic hair to be added to a 3-D image or mixed media item

    • Human hair from the head for wigs is allowed. 

    • Animal Fur is allowed but frowned upon

  8. Other materials will be examined and evaluated by both WPA and the partnering locations.  Both organizations have final say what can and cannot be showcased at each venue.


Sensitive or excessive topic or subject matter


WhitePHOENIXarts loves the creative expression of the artistic community and wants that freedom for all the trades we support.  However, not everyone shares the same opinions that the artist has.  To best suit the community, we serve we ask our artist to avoid showcasing or having the following items in their portfolio during the showcase.


  1. Extreme Profanity – Strong language or obscene topics matters.  This showcase is for the public we ask that topics do not exceed a maturity level of 13 years or older.

  2. Location owners have final say on what can and cannot be displayed at their establishment.

    • All portfolios will go through evaluation between WPA and the partnering location before asked to showcase their work for the showcase.

  3. Nudity – The human form is beautiful and can be shown tastefully.  Nudes will be excepted for portfolio review but depending on the positions and displays may lead to disqualifications from being asked to join.   Partnering locations have final say on this topic matter.

  4. Violence – Extreme violence, cruelty, or any similar topic matters will not be showcased at this event.  We want to focus on positive messages at this event.

  5. Political Views – Please refrain from submitting political subject matters.  Subjects will be evaluated but it is up to WPA and its partners to allow or remove submissions from this topic matter.


All portfolio submissions will be reviewed by WhitePHOENIXarts for quality of work.  Once a portfolio has passed the first review then those portfolios will be passed to the respected partnering locations for final evaluation.  Any artists who provided unapproved pieces to the showcase will be removed from the event without reimbursement.


Eligibility For Showcasing Artists.


BAM! BrewArt Month – Roaming Art Show is open to 2D and 3D artwork of any media or style, ready to hang and suitable for public viewing.

Photography entries are open to all forms and suitable subject matters. Photos should be printed and ready to be sold. 2D work should be completed and be ready to be sold, hung, and be suitable for public viewing.

​Fashion designers are to showcase their original work or have ownership of the goods being displayed and sold.

Models who are showcasing can sell prints and goods of their images, sign autographs, and work with WhitePHOENIXarts support in contracts between parties for future projects.

WhitePHOENIXarts will retain submitted images of accepted artwork and reserves the right to use the images in relevant publications and company promotional capacities.

If subjects have nudity in the image please have them covered with a black, non-translucent vail that can cover the display. Be mindful of our patrons and their views.

The artist is responsible for the transportation of all artwork to their assigned venue. Or have support from their team to transport goods. WhitePHOENIXarts and the partnering venues will not support of transporting of goods. Neither WhitePHOENIXarts or the partners will be held liable or accountable for lost, stole, or damaged goods. WhitePHOENIXarts will have procedures put into place to reduce this risk but the artists are responsible for their goods.

​If work must be shipped, the artist is responsible for packaging and shipping expenses. Artist is responsible for specialty installation supplies; two-dimensional work must be ready to hang and provided with appropriate hanging hardware.

The venue location will help in supplying tables and chairs for the artist to showcase their work. The artist is responsible for supplying any additional lighting or decoration for their display space.

WhitePHOENIXarts will help the artist with procuring print orders, contracting commissioned works, and if need be processing orders and sales. A processing fee will be applied to all these items. If the artist does not have a vendor’s license, then WhitePHOENIXarts will process those orders for the artists and pay the tax on those goods. The artist is responsible for providing images and information about those goods so WhitePHOENIXarts can set the items into their inventory system.

A display charge will be issued to the artist when chosen for the event. This will help cover expenses for the venue location, advertisement, and processing of information by WhitePHOENIXarts. If selected to present at the showcase the artist must pay WhitePHOENIXarts September 27, 2019. A link to the payment center will be emailed to the artists upon acceptance of their portfolio.

Rules and Regulations for visiting patrons


First and foremost be respectful to our partnering venues and other guests. The venues are letting us use their space during the showcase and we want to show them the same respect they have given us.


Each of our brewery partners do have their own rules and regulations at their establishments. If you have questions on these please contact the venue before visiting their location.


WhitePHOENIXarts does not hold liability to any of the event attendants. If the guest is removed from an establishment for disruptive behavior or illegal actions, then it is the guest’s responsibility to process those actions on their own. 


Please visit www.brewartmonth.com/about-bam for more information about the event details and rules and regulations.


Email info@whitephoenixarts.com for any additional questions.


Do NOT touch the artist’s work without their permission.


You must leave your driver’s license with the WhitePHOENIXarts attendant when trying on clothing or other wearable goods. 


Guests are not permitted to bring their own Music/DJ/Karaoke. NO outside beverages of any kind are permitted.


Alcohol Purchase


All alcohol must be purchased and poured at the bar. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase alcohol. Respect the rules of our partnering venues and adhere to all state laws issued by the state of Ohio and the city of Columbus.


Underage participants can attend the showcase. WhitePHOENIXarts holds no responsibility to these guests on any alcohol consumption. That is between the brewery and the guest member.



Parking at some of our hosts' locations can be limited. Please be respectful and look at your passport for parking options. If you have any additional questions, please call the brewery before your visit for more parking options. Be kind to our neighbors and respect the local laws. 


Contact information


The main point of contact for both the partners and artists shall be Alex White.  The owner and organizer of the BAM! BrewArt Month event.


Name: Alex White

Title: Owner

Phone: (330) 495-6122

Email: Alex.White@whitephoenixarts.com




P.O. box 12312 1391 Grandview Ave.

Columbus oh 43212

Artist Agreement Form
By filling this form out you agree to comply with the showcase guidelines set by WhitePHOENIXarts LLC and the partnering entities.