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Mon - Fri: 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

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P.O. Box 13212

1391 Grandview Ave

Columbus, OH 43212



Our Mission

To create and environment that welcomes all forms of arts. 

To accepts artist who are passionate about their trades not matter their professional level or connections.

To grow the talents and brand of those we serve.

To reward those who create, produce, or perform original bodies or work.

About BAM!

BrewArt Month

Do you enjoy visiting local breweries?

Are you a fan of the arts, photography, of fashion design?

Looking for something to decorate your home or apartment with?

How about finding a fun and unique item to wear this summer?

Then be a part of the show and join our great local arts, food, and entertainment!


BAM! BrewArt Month is an artist showcase created by artists for artists.  Hosted by WhitePHOENIXarts, and art consulting and entertainment company based in Columbus, Ohio.  WhitePHOENIXarts helps local artists find ways to showcase their trades to the community.  Taking the show out of the galleries, studios, or theaters and bring it back to the community.  We build the connections, find the venues, and we bring that to you.  The supporters of the arts.


BAM! It is a free artist showcase.  Each location hosts a different set of artists for you to view and meet.  Be prepared to see the amazing talent in your city.  Support your community and be a part of the experience.


 Rules and Regulations


First and foremost be respectful to our partnering breweries and other guests.  The breweries are letting us use their space during the showcase and we want to show them the same respect they have given us.


Do not touch the artist’s work without their permission.


You must leave your driver’s license with the WhitePHOENIXarts attendant when trying on clothing or other wearable goods. 


Guests are not permitted to bring their own Music/DJ/Karaoke.

NO outside beverages of any kind are permitted.


Alcohol Purchase

All alcohol must be purchased and poured at the bar. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase alcohol.  Respect the rules of our partnering breweries and adhere to all state laws issued by the state of Ohio and the city of Columbus.


Underage participants can attend the showcase.  WhitePHOENIXarts holds no responsibility to these guests on any alcohol consumption.  That is between the brewery and the guest member.


Parking is limited at some of the breweries.  Please be respectful of those presenting and attending the showcase.  Art is subjective and is open to interpretation. Please respect each other's opinions.  If you have any additional questions, please call our partnering locations before your visit. Parking is limited and may require you to walk to the showcase location. 

Be kind to our neighbors and respect the local laws.


Each of our brewery partners do have their own rules and regulations at their establishments. 

If you have questions about parking, kid-friendliness, or other questions please contact the venue before visiting their location.


WhitePHOENIXarts does not hold liability to any of the event attendants.  If the guest is removed from an establishment for disruptive behavior or illegal actions, then it is the guest’s responsibility to process those actions on their own.  By purchasing this ticket, you agree to participate in this event of your own free will and understand and will adhere to those laws set by the city of Columbus, and the partnering establishments.


Please visit www.brewartmonth.com for more information about the event details and rules and regulations. 

Or Email info@whitephoenixarts.com for any additional questions.