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What IS BAM!?

A Roaming Artist Showcase That Brings Art and Entertainment To The People!

BAM! BrewArt Month is a month-long artist showcase.  The event takes place twice a year, May and October.  The event was designed to take the artists out of the galleries, studios, or theater space and place them where people are frequenting the most, breweries, restaurants, distilleries, and event spaces!  
 BAM! was created as a necessity to compete against the changing times in the art industry. We wanted to take the art out of the galleries, studios, and homes of the artists we represent. Giving these artists a chance to showcase their passions, skills, and craft to a larger audience. We work outside of the standard “norm” to re-invent how artists showcase their creations.
 These events are here to help grow a community.  Not only helping emerging artists learn how to showcase and sell their passions. 
BAM! was created to help people understand how to view and purchase art.
 “You don’t have to know anything about art to enjoy it.  If you love a piece because you enjoy it, then that should be enough reason to want to take it home.” – Alex White, Owner of WhitePHOENIXarts
The Skills and Passions we showcase are a variety, but we welcome all in their skill level. It does not matter if an artist is just starting or has been showcasing for years. 
If you have a passion for the arts, we welcome you to BAM!
Visual Arts
Fashion Design
Performing Arts
Musical Talent
and More!

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