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BrewArt Month!

Roaming Artist Showcase

A month long artists showcase that features local talent.

This showcase lasts an entire MONTH!

The event is hosted at local breweries, restaurants, and shopping centers. Taking the Arts from traditional locations and bringing to the people!


Be a part of the Action!

Join BrewArt Month! 


BrewArt Month is an event created by WhitePHOENIXarts, and art consulting and entertainment company based in Columbus, Ohio.

BAM! was created as a necessity to compete against the changing times in the art industry.  We wanted to take the art out of the galleries, studios, and homes of the artists we represent.  Giving these artists a chance to showcase their passions, skills, and craft to a larger audience.  We work outside of the standard “norm” to re-invent how artists showcase their creations.

We take the artist out of the studio and gallery spaces and take them to where people are frequenting.

Breweries, Restaurants, Parks, Hotels, and more…

The Skills and Passions we showcase are a variety, but we welcome all in their skill level.  Doesn’t matter if you are just starting or have been practicing your skills for a life time.  As long as you have a passion for the arts, we welcome you to BAM!


Visual Arts

Fashion Design

Performing Arts



Musical Talent

and More!